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Rent a Jet for 2 h from Pto. Alcudia to Coll Baix and Cap de Pinar - an unforgettable trip Featured

  • Max. Pers.: 2
  • Place: Alcudia

Wir starten von Alcudia zum Cap de Pinar, vorbei am Leuchtturm Aucanada und der Bucht von Coll Baix, dem Nest des Fischadlers der Insel der Sirenen

From the Cap de Pinar we go on to Bonaire. We arrive at Es Clot, a small Iceland in a wonderful bay and the the of thieves with its galleries and hallways. In order to reach the the of thieves, we have to swim. A great rock crack underwater Provides the cave with a natural and uncomparable lighting. Afterwards, we can walk in the waist high water to the beach at the end of the cave. We observe the impressive stalactites of the cave. After lots of photos in the cave, we go back to Alcudia. You will definitely remember this unforgettable excursion with a smile.

Circuit 0,30h 1 auf 1 Jet 85,00€ 90,00€ 95,00€
Circuit 0,30h 2 auf 1 Jet 105,00€ 110,00€ 115,00€
Nido del Aguila
1h 1 oder 2PAX 130,00€ 140,00€ 150,00€
caves de Los Ladrones
2h 1 oder 2Pax 230,00€ 240,00€ 250,00€
in the blue caves
3h 1 oder 2Pax 330,00 340,00€ 350,00€

Including fuel costs - On request we meet you at the hotel or apartment!

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